Our Schools

Hand-In-Hand Primary School
4687 US HWY 84 Bypass
Thomasville, GA 31792
Principal: Jeanna Mayhall
Asst. Principal:  Robin Shaver
Important Numbers:
Administration (229) 225-3908
Fax (229) 225-3982

Garrison-Pilcher Elementary School
277 Hall Road
Thomasville , GA 31757
Principal: Sharonda Wilson
Important Numbers:
Administration (229) 225-4387
Fax (229) 227-2428

Cross Creek Elementary School
324 Clark Road
Thomasville, GA 31757
Principal: Clay Stanaland
Important Numbers:
Administration (229) 225-3900
Fax (229) 225-3904

Thomas County Middle School
4681 US Hwy 84 Bypass
Thomasville, GA 31792
Principal: Kathy Keown

TCMS/TCUE is looking for parents who are interested in providing suggestions and feedback for the TCMS/TCUE School Improvement Plan. The meeting details are below. Please contact Dr. Scott James (sjames@rose.net or 225-4395) if you have any questions

TCMS/TCUE School Improvement Plan Review:

Date: Wednesday, July 17

Time: 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Location: TCMS/TCUE Media Center

Important Numbers:
Administration (229) 225-4394
Fax (229) 225-4378

Thomas County Central High School
4686 US Highway 84 Bypass
Thomasville, GA 31792
Principal: Kenneth Harper
Asst. Principal:  Frank Delaney
Asst. Principal:  Karen Jones
Asst. Principal:  Trista Jones
Asst. Principal:  Lucas Matthews
Important Numbers:
Administration (229) 225-5050
Fax (229) 227-2422
Guidance Fax (229) 225-5235

Bishop Hall Charter School
1819 East Clay Street
Thomasville, GA 31792
Principal: Rich Johnson
Asst. Principal:  Lana Hicks
Important Numbers:
Administration (229) 227-1397
Fax (229) 558-9420

Pathways Educational Program
208 N Pinetree Blvd.
Thomasville, GA 31792
Principal: Jeanene Wier
For over 35 years, Pathways Educational Program has been a vital part of the local school systems' continuum of services for students with severe emotional disorders or autism. Pathways is one of 24 programs in Georgia and together this unique statewide network serves as a model throughout the nation. Pathways provides academic and social emotional instruction based on each child's individual need.

There are 3 center locations that comprise the Pathways Program and each serves 2 or more school districts. It is the goal of our staff to help children be able to become successful and productive members of their schools and communities. Through the hard work of trained teachers, support teachers, social workers, crisis interventionists, behavioral specialists, and other support personnel, over 200 children in this area are working toward the achievement of educational and behavioral goals with the purpose of helping them to return and to succeed in their home school setting.

Important Numbers:
Administration (229) 225-3910
Colquitt County (229) 890-6193
Decatur County (229) 240-2001
Thomas County (229) 225-3910