Budget & Financial Reports

Financial Reports:

January 2014 Financial Report
November 2013 Financial Report
FY 2013 Year End Financial Statements


Budget Reports:

FY 2014 Budget
FY 2013 Budget


Tax History:

Six-Year Tax History - 2013
Six-Year Tax History - 2012
Six-Year Tax History - 2011
Six-Year Tax History - 2010



Audit Reports:

We are audited annually by the State Department of Audits and Accounts. The audit reports for the prior seven years are listed below.

FY 12
FY 11
FY 10
FY 09
FY 08
FY 07
FY 06



SPLOST Performance Audit:

State law requires a performance audit for school systems that receive more than $5 million annually. Thomas County Schools exceeded $5 million in sales tax for the first time in FY 08.

FY 13 SPLOST Annual Report
FY 12 SPLOST Performance Audit
FY 12 SPLOST Annual Report
FY 11 SPLOST Performance Audit
FY 11 SPLOST Annual Report
FY 10 SPLOST Performance Audit
FY 10 SPLOST Annual Report
FY 09 SPLOST Performance Audit
FY 08 SPLOST Performance Audit

Joey N. Holland, CPA
Asst. Superintendent for Finance and Operations
Ph: (229) 225-4380, ext. 112
Fax: (229) 225-5233

Morgan L. Bass
System Accountant
Ph: (229) 225-4380, ext. 104
Fax: (229) 225-5233







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