Kindergarten Astronomy!

Students in Brooke Whittington’s kindergarten class enjoyed eating their way through the moon phases!  Pictured are Ty’Niria, Ali, and Kaylen.

Movement Fun!

PE Coach Hanah Taylor introduces students to a new game with over-sized dice involving LOTS of healthy movement! Pictured at top with Coach Taylor are Joni  and Lilli. Bottom picture is Lilli, Timmy, and Aaliyah attempting the crab walk with Coach Taylor.

Ballet Program Launches at Hand-in-Hand!

Hand-In-Hand Primary students enjoy ballet at school through the Dance Academy.  This enrichment is offered every Monday as an afterschool exploration for our Pre-K and kindergarten students.

Pictured above are Emily, Kinsley, Kendall, and Emma.

Also having fun while they learn dance are Julia and Sereniti (in foreground).

Color Mixing Fun!

Catherine Thompson's kindergarten class had a great time reading the story Mouse Paint and learning about primary colors. Pictured are Edjen, Lilah, and Tyler sorting by color.

Pictured above areTa'Lor, Ziara, and Baylin learning how to mix colors to make new colors in the Science Lab. They are also in Ms. Catherine Thompson's kindergarten class.

Afterschool Fine Arts Lessons -- Sign Your Child Up Today!

The Thomas County School System is launching an initiative to make a variety of fine arts opportunities more easily accessible to our students.

In addition to offering bus transportation for students who choose to take advantage of the programs available at the Thomasville Center for the Arts, the Thomas County School System is partnering with the Thomasville Music Academy, the Dance Academy, and our own faculty to offer a variety of lessons in the afternoons on our own campuses.  Click 'More Information' below to view flyers and learn how to register for each program.

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