Advanced Placement

Last Updated: 2/7/2023 4:59 PM


Thomas County Central students have the opportunity to engage in AP classes in all academic and several extracurricular areas.  Highly selective colleges and universities (like The University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, Duke, Emory, and Ivy League universities) expect students to make the most of their academic opportunities.  Students who plan to apply for admission to a highly selective college or university should plan to take several AP classes during high school.  Highly selective universities generally prefer AP classes to dual enrollment classes since College Board AP classes are based on an approved curriculum and culminate in a national standardized exam.  The MERIT Coordinator and high school counselors will advise students in selecting AP courses that are right for the individual student.  


AP courses offer a challenging curriculum that assists in developing the student’s analytical thinking, reading, writing, and problem solving skills necessary to excel in college. Students who enroll in one of these courses may take the Advanced Placement exam at the end of the year. Although the score achieved on this exam does not affect the student’s grade in the course, it can determine college credit awarded. Students passing an AP Course with a 70 or higher will receive a 10 point boost to the final grade for the AP courses that is posted on the student’s high school transcript for class rank and honors status in that course. Grades earned in AP courses (including the 10 bonus points granted in AP courses) shall be counted twice in calculating the weighted GPA for class rank and honors purposes in order to make the relative weight of one AP course equal to that of two dual enrollment courses.  The high school will provide weighted and/or unweighted transcripts as requested by the colleges or universities to which the student applies. HOPE will give students passing an AP course a .5 quality point boost (on the traditional 4 point scale: A=4, B=3, C=2, etc.) to the un-weighted grade in that course. The cost of AP exams is shared by students and the school district.


In February 2020, Thomas County Central High received recognition from the GA Department of Education as an AP Honor School, garnering distinction as both an AP Stem School and an AP STEM Achievement School.