Graduation Requirements

Class of 2016 and later Course Requirements for Promotion 10th Grade: Literature/Composition,Math,Science,Social Studies, 1 other course 11th Grade:Literature/Composition, Math,Science, Social Studies, 2 other courses 12th Grade: Literature/Composition, Math,Science, Social Studies, 2 other courses Graduation Requirements See your grade-level counselor for specific course titles and requirements: English: 4units Mathematics: 4 unitsScience: 4 units Social Studies: 3 units Physical Education: 1 unit (Health/Personal Fitness) Pathway Courses: 3 units (Adv. Academic and/or CTAE and/or Fine Arts and/or Foreign Language) Additional Electives: 4 units Total Units Minimum:23The Georgia Milestone End of Course Test (EOC) will contribute 20% to the course grade (for those core courses in which a Milestone EOC is mandated). To earn a high school diploma, students entering grade nine for the first time after August 2011 will be required to pass the course with the increased weight of the Milestone EOC applied to the course grade.

Some students who earn several high school credits in middle school may be able to complete all graduation requirements in three years of high school. Students who wish to “skip” a grade in this manner and graduate after only three years of high school must indicate their intent to do so no later than September of their second year in high school in order to be eligible for full high school graduation honors; students who skip a year of high school must have “junior” and “senior” status their last two yearsof high school in order to be eligible for top graduation honors, e.g. to be eligible to earn valedictorian or salutatorian status. Students who decide to skip a grade and declare their intent to do so after September of their second year in high school may graduate when all graduation requirements have been met and may earn honor graduate status, but they will not be eligible for the top honors if they have not been classified as a “junior” and “senior” during their last two years of high school.