Dual Enrollment

Last Updated: 3/30/2020 2:51 PM
Dual Enrollment
Dual Enrollment:  Changes to the Georgia Dual Enrollment Program are pending Govenor Kemp's signature of the bill. 2020-2021 Program Regulations will be available by mid-May, 2020.
Please refer to the FAQ sheet below or research Georgia HB 444 for information on potential changes.
Students who are interested in participating in dual enrollment next year should complete this form.

DE Parent Agreement

Important notice: Additional requirements may be implemented for the program year 2020-2021, effective Summer Term 2020. Updates forthcoming.

Parent/Guardian Acknowledgement

Prior to participating in Dual Enrollment, as part of the application process, the student’s parent/guardian must complete the Student Participation Agreement (SPA).

Electronic Completion

Electronically complete the Parent/Guardian Participation Agreement to confirm your student’s participation in the Dual Enrollment Program. You will be prompted to provide the student’s application ID, as provided and emailed to the student, and the student’s date of birth or social security number.


Testing, meetings, and deadlines for Dual Enrollment registration will be scheduled after we return to campus.