Last Updated: 8/3/2021 1:34 PM

Frequently Asked Questions

The P.R.E.P. Academy was renamed the Lee M. Bailey P.R.E.P. Academy in 2015.

What does P.R.E.P. stand for?
Preparing for Relevant Economic Pursuits.

What programs are offered at the P.R.E.P. Academy?
Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair
Audio Video Technology and Film
Business Management
Early Childhood Education
Health Science
Information Technology
Junior ROTC - Army
Welding Technology

In addition to our nine career departments, the P.R.E.P. Academy supports students by offering the Workforce Ready career pathway.

How is the P.R.E.P. Academy a part of Thomas County Central High School?
The P.R.E.P. Academy is open to all students enrolled at TCCHS. Students who sign up to take Career, Technical, and Agriculture Education (CTAE) electives will take those classes in the P.R.E.P. Academy.

What is a pathway?
Students enrolled in P.R.E.P. Academy programs are encouraged to complete three sequential courses in an area, known as a pathway. Every department offers at least one pathway, while some offer two or three. Completion of a pathway leads to certification in a program area.

What certifications can students earn in P.R.E.P. Academy programs?
Starting in the 2010-2011 school year, all students who complete a pathway are required to take a certification test in their program area. Students who complete a pathway and pass the corresponding certification exam will receive white cords to wear at graduation.

What P.R.E.P. Academy programs are currently Industry Certified?
The Health Science, Audio Video, Automotive, Business, Early Childhood, and Welding programs are currently Industry Certified.

What student activities are available to students enrolled in the P.R.E.P. Academy?
Students who take courses in the P.R.E.P. Academy are encouraged to affiliate with a Career Technical Student Organization. We currently offer FBLA, FGE, FFA, HOSA, and SkillsUSA. These are co-curricular organizations that provide students an opportunity to practice what they have learned in class through local, state, and national competitions. They also focus on community service efforts. These organizations meet on club days and before and after school.

What types of work experience does the P.R.E.P. Academy provide?
At the end of 10th grade, students can apply for a work-based learning program based on their area of study in the P.R.E.P. Academy. Students are selected for either Cooperative Education or the Youth Apprenticeship program. Work-based learning allows students to earn high school credit for on-the-job experiences during the school day.

What is The Nest?
The Nest is a school-based enterprise that is run by students in the Business Department. It is open before and after school and between classes and sells snacks, drinks, and Jacket apparel.