Service Learning FAQs

How many SL hours are required to graduate?

SL hours are not currently required to graduate. However, to receive MERIT credit, students must complete a total of 80 community service hours with 25 of those being SL.

When can students begin earning SL hours?

Students may begin earning SL hours upon graduation from the 8th grade.

How do students choose SL opportunities?

Current SL opportunities are posted on this SL web site, under TAB 4. Students should also check the current list of community service opportunities located at the Hands On Thomas County (HOTC) web site at: Students can actually register for projects on line, either as an individual or as a club or group. Several organized CS and SL events are programed and scheduled throughout the year.

Can I find my own SL project and receive credit for it?

Absolutely!!!  Students are encouraged to discover a specific need in the local community, one they have a specific passion about, and one which they can receive personal knowledge (learning) through their participation. The SL Coordinator is there to help you with this process and perhaps help form a team to work together in meeting community needs. The time spent coordinating, organizing and implementing such a project are all eligible for accumulating hours.

How are SL hours documented?

Students receive SL hours for participating in activities that align with the guidelines outlined at this web site. Students should bring a copy of the Service Learning & Community Service Supervisor Signature form, complete it on site and have the activity supervisor sign it. The forms should then be scanned and submitted along with the Google Form indicating the total number of hours allowed. The Google form will automatically create a spread sheet with each student’s total hours.

When should students submit SL hours?

Students should submit their hours within 10 days after the end of grading period. Failure to do so could result in your hours not being credited. Seniors are to have all their hours submitted by the last Thursday in March to be considered for Senior Honors.

How do students check their number of SL hours?

Total hours are tabulated on the SL spread sheet for each class and is available 10 days after the end of each grading period and will be made available in the Guidance Office by the Service Learning Coordinator.

Will my SL hours count if I transferred from another city/state school?

Yes. Transferred hours will be accepted once they are reviewed and approved by the SL Coordinator.