Service Opportunities

NOTE:  With COVID-19 and the mandated social distancing mandates, we want to make sure our students are not placed in unsafe environments. As we all know, Hands on Thomas County (HOTC) serves us well by partnering with many local non-profit agencies in our community and makes us aware of many opportunities to volunteer and serve others. They have gone to great lengths to outline some great virtual and social distancing opportunities to serve. Visit their website at and explore these many opportunities. While seniors have already turned in their hours, there are still ways to serve others during this difficult time. Feel free to contact Mr. McLeod at 229-403-9525 if you have any questions or need help in discovering projects that might work for you.

NOTE:  One rather simple, yet very impactful service opportunity is available and greatly needed: The Archbold Foundation has established a process where students (with the help of parents/grandparents) can pick up kits for sewing protective masks for nurses, doctors, and other health professionals at Archbold Medical Center. All you need to do is drive up to the main entrance of the hospital under the covered area at the front door. Remain in your car and call 228-2759. When someone answers, tell them you are there to pick up the mask sewing equipment. They will bring the "Kits" to your car. These kits come with detailed instructions for how to sew the masks, along with all the pre-cut materials needed. Students however will need scissors and threads. Once you make your masks, you will turn in your completed masks the same way by driving up to the front entrance to Archbold, call the same number and tell them you have kits to turn in.  If you don't have a sewing machine, Mr. McLeod can provide one for you.  For more information, simply call Mr. McLeod at 229-403-9525.