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Hello, and welcome!

I am Ms. Evie Stewart.  I graduated from FSU with degrees in English Literature and English Education, and am working on my Masters in English Ed.  I began my career teaching English and Journalism here in South Georgia, where I worked for 7 years before taking off to pursue new adventures.  I moved to Costa Rica, where I worked with a wildlife sanctuary, using my Education background as I visited local schools to teach about wildlife and habitat conservation. I then moved to Mexico, where I taught English as a Second Language in a private, bilingual school.  Upon returning to the States, I spent 2 years teaching General Education classes to women in a Florida prison before I came back to Thomasville to teach at TCCHS. 

I have a passion for stories and enjoy helping my students learn how to analyze information and think critically for themselves. I want my students to ask questions and discuss their ideas, and my long-term goal is for all of them to become adults who are able to think for themselves, critically analyzing information logically and with an open mind.  Like most teachers, I live for the "ah ha!" moments when students suddenly understand some part of the puzzle that is literature.  I am excited about the coming school year and the challenges and chances it is sure to offer. 

In my personal time I read, kayak, hike, swim, camp, garden, travel extensively, and enjoy a variety of handicrafts and home-improvement projects.