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Hot Air Balloon Lab Takes Off!

Eighth-grade students recently participated in an experiment to test hot air balloons based on their unit about heat and convection. The students designed, built, and tested their own balloons in groups with great success!

hot air balloon 12-2023


State Championship Game Make Plans to Attend the State Championship Game in Atlanta

Make your plans to be at Mercedes-Benz in Atlanta on Tuesday, December 12 at 7:00 p.m. to watch our Yellow Jackets battle the Woodward Academy Eagles for the 6A State Championship! Click on the link below for the details. See you there!

State Championship Game Details

PAGE Grant Recipient

Each year, the Professional Association of Georgia Educators (PAGE) seeks out teachers in need of classroom materials or professional learning through grants. PAGE gives up to $100,000 to educators as individual grants of $500. Mrs. Katie Brewer, 5th Grade MERIT Social Studies teacher, applied for and received one of the grants to purchase Raised-Relief maps to help with her geography lessons throughout her Social Studies Units.

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K. Brewer 12-2023


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Gentian Creek Field Trip

Students learned so much while visiting Gentian Creek today! They were able to complete a botany scavenger hunt where they observed a golden orb silk spider and a yellow jacket. They also learned to identify poison ivy and learned about insects that live underneath tree stumps including worms, beetles, and centipedes.

Students learned about different types of birds that they would observe during their nature walk. They were then able to use a microscope to discover living things in pond water. What a fun day of learning!

Gentian Creek 11-30-23

It's Electric!

Mrs. Lanatta’s fifth-grade science classes recently explored static electricity using a Van De Graaff generator through a hands-on learning lab.

Lanatta electricity

Field Trip to Gulf Specimen Marine Lab

Seventh-grade Foxtrot students recently embarked on a remarkable field trip to the Gulf Specimen Marine Lab. The purpose of the trip was to learn about marine life, ecosystem dynamics, and the importance of preserving our delicate coastal habitats. Students wasted no time exploring the diverse marine species found in our local waters, including seahorses, sea stars, and even a live octopus. The hands-on activities truly brought their learning to life. Students had the opportunity to touch and observe various organisms in touch tanks, feeling the smooth skin of stingrays, and the prickly exoskeleton of the hermit crabs.

It is our hope that this field trip sparked the interest of students to become future marine biologists, with a lifelong appreciation for the marine world, and inspired them to become stewards of our planet's natural treasures.

Gulf Specimen marine lab 2023

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