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Hello!  I am glad you are visiting my school website.  I would like for you to get to know me better.  I am a product of Thomas County Schools, graduating from Central High School in 1986.  I earned my Bachelor of Science in Speech-language Pathology from VSU in 1991 and followed with my Master of Education in Speech-language Pathology in 1993.  I am back at VSU to complete my clinical doctorate with an emphasis in phonemic awareness, working memory, and reading acquisition.  My passion is in reading acquisition and I am extremely curious about the areas of our language that impact reading acquisition.

I have been employed as a speech-language pathologist (SLP) in Thomas County since January 1993.  I spent 26.5 years with Garrison-Pilcher Elementary as my "home-base" school.  Over the years, I've worked at Hand-in-hand Primary, Cross Cross Creek Elementary, Thomas County Central High School, and Pathways.  In August 2019, I was relocated to Thomas County Middle School where I have been reunited with several students I previously served.  It has been great to see these students' growth in communication!  We have a great Speech-language team in Thomas County!

As an SLP, I serve students who have disorders in the following areas:  speech sound production, language, voice, and fluency. Most people think of SLPs as the people who "fix sounds".  This is true!  However, in the school system, the majority of my caseload is comprised of students who have weakness with language skills.  Language affects EVERYTHING in school, as well as life in general.  Therefore, it is extremely important to me that my students gain a good command of our language.  Please visit the links that I have attached on the following pages:


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