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Constitution Day F and T

Students in Lynnette Fykes's and Morgan Taylor's third-grade classes learned about the United States Constitution. Students studied the history, the connection to colonial rule, and the writers. They ended the study by writing a Student Constitution.

"Level Up" Math Level Up

Mrs. Whigham's third-grade classes have been challenged to "Level Up" in Math each week. Over the past five weeks, 16 students have met their Math goals. As a reward, they get a snack of their choice! All of Mrs. Whigham's students are making great gains in Math this year and she is excited to watch them grow, no matter how tiny the steps are!

We Want Your Feedback! Take our survey

Most of Georgia's public school systems are accredited by Cognia, a nonprofit organization tasked with setting educational standards that prepare students for life after the classroom. Cognia will be conducting an accreditation review for the Thomas County School System during the school year. As part of the accreditation process, schools submit their educational environment to a rigorous process of analysis and evaluation. This parent survey will allow you to respond to questions about Cognia standards and how Thomas County includes families in the education of their students. Please complete this survey by September 22, 2023. If you have children in two or more schools, please take a moment to complete a survey for each school.

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Fine Arts Night RS

Cross Creek held a Fine Arts Night. Ms. Rachel Sweat, Parent Involvement Coordinator, presented an explanation of Title I and the benefits that schools, staff, and students receive under the federal program. The program also included a presentation from Dr. Bonev and other musicians. The musicians shared five string instruments with the attendees. If you are interested in your student joining the strings class at Cross Creek Elementary, please contact the school.