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Hi Parents and Students!  Welcome to Hand In Hand Primary! I am Whitney Robertson, your child's School Counselor and I am so excited about this school year.  It's going to be GREAT! I am an advocate for social and emotional intelligence in everyone, both students and parents, and am passionate about sharing Conscious Discipline. It has transformed the way I look at people - not just students, but even my own children. Each month, I will share different tidbits of Conscious Discipline with you to use in your own homes. In the meantime, I've posted some information, links and videos to the CD program, as well as other information that may be helpful for parents and caregivers. Feel free to take a look!

When I am not with students, groups or classes, I try to make myself available to parents and other stakeholders from 1:30-2:30pm each day. If you need to speak with me, please feel free to call the office and leave me a message. I will try to return your call during this time. If you need to meet face to face, please call or email me with your concerns and I will set up a day to meet with you during this time. I look forward to sharing in this journey with you and your child. 

Mrs. Whitney

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Hand-In-Hand's School Counseling Program


Conscious Discipline is a researched based social/emotional curriculum that is used in our school to help students (and adults) identify, express and cope with what they are feeling. It gives everyone the necessary skills to adderss problems and situations with assertive, rather than aggressive behaviors, and implements behavior modifications through the choices and consequences, rather than forceful management. 

Used in our school, we are able to see the tremendous growth our students make through this program. When also used at home, students and parents gain the confidence needed to handle situations like anxiety, bullying, routine, problem solving, and friends. 

Each month, my newsletter blurb will feature a different Conscious Discipline "need to know" to help guide you and your child. Check out Conscious Discipline of their:

YouTube Channel


Coach kids through it :

Anger       Sadness       Happiness       Fear       Managing Emotions 

How to go conscious, not crazy with your child

How a bully is born


Are you in need of help?
Georgia Crisis & Access Line


Individual Counseling -
To receive individual counseling, a student is referred by their parent/guardian, teacher, or principal. Students can also request to see me. Students come to my office to talk about things that impact their learning at school, such as friendships, study skills, and self-esteem. In my office, students can feel free to talk about what worries them and to ask questions. In order to do so, your consent will be needed. 

Feeling Buddies

Small Group Counseling - 
Parents are informed of the nature of the group, topics covered, and goals of the group. Parents have the option of allowing their child to participate or decline the invitation to the group. Once a group begins, new students are not added to the group until a new group is formed. Groups typically last 6 weeks. 

Baby Doll Circle Time

Classroom-based Counseling -
Visiting classrooms, I present the students with Conscious Discipline Feeling Buddies Self-Regulation curriculum to enhance their understanding of feelings and emotions, as well as practical applications and calming strategies. 

Feeling Faces

In order to work with your child 1:1 or in a small group, your consent is required. Please know, however, that the information shared between your child and myself is confidential. Just like adults, children need to feel that they can express themselves and talk candidly, without feeling judged or that a person will break their trust. 


Counseling and guidance is an integral part of the total education
program at Thomas County Elementary Schools. The counseling 
program supports the elementary school mission through services 
and activities designed to nurture the development of knowledge,
skills, and attitudes essential for lifelong learning and success.

The professional school counselors at
Thomas County Elementary Schools strive
to promote and enhance the learning
process for all students. This mission is
accomplished through implementation of
school counseling programs developed based
on the American School Counselor
Association (ASCA) National Model. 


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