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21 Best Parenting Websites:  Parenting can be a tough job, and most of us parents are grateful for all the help and advice we can get. This website is full of articles on any aspect of parenting you can think of and for any age. Whether you’re nursing an infant, potty-training a toddler, helping a third-grader with homework, or buying a cell phone for a teenager, this website has advice and ideas to help you out.

Safety:  Each year, thousands of young children are killed or injured in car crashes. Proper use of car seats helps keep children safe.

Nutrition:  For great ideas for healthy meals and a balanced diet, visit Fruits & Veggies More Matters.  This website gives parents information and ways to lead your family in a healthier lifestyle.  Features on this site include Planning, Shopping, Cooking, Recipes, and Getting kids involved.

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Educational Website Links

Language/Literacy:Storyline Online is an online streaming video program featuring Screen Actors Guild members reading children's books aloud. Each book includes accompanying activities and lesson ideas.

 • offers a wide variety of literacy games and activities for children.

• Teachers around the world use and Starfall high-quality educational products as an inexpensive way to make the classroom more fun and inspire a love of reading and writing. Parents use Starfall to prepare their children for school, and to support them once they are there. Starfall is an educational alternative to other entertainment choices for children.

Gamequarium has become one of the most popular educational web sites. Its happy underwater theme has made it a favorite of elementary school-aged students. Check out Readquarium (Pre-K through 6th grade) and Gamequarium (Pre-K through 2nd grade). Both of these sections address literacy skills such as beginning and ending sounds, sight words, and rhyming, as well as emerging math skills, money, counting, colors, and shapes. Go to to start the fun!

Sight Word Practice: iteach 1:1


Sight Words:  Sight Word List 1,

                      Sight Word Flash Cards,

                       Sight Word Memory Game

                       20 + Fun Ways to Practice Sight Words At Home

Math: • For a site that offers activities for multiple subjects, try Here you will find activities for many subjects and areas of focus for grades K-8. 

The following videos are to help your child with rote counting, counting sets of objects, and shapes.              

Science: • If you would like to share more about science through our space program, visit This site is updated throughout the day and has extraordinary pictures and interactive areas.

Social Studies: • To learn more about our national government, go to Students will enjoy going to the "Kids" page to learn about Washington, our Presidents, and the White House.

General:  • Try This link will take you to all sorts of Pre-k and K educational games. Here are just a few skills that you can explore. Beginning sounds, Upper/Lowercase letters, Create words, ABC order, Phonics, Letter activities, Rhyming words, Story creator, Interactive stories, Directional words, Patterning, Counting, Sorting, Shapes, Sequencing, Addition, Subtraction. Get clicking and have some fun learning on the computer. 

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