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Hand-In-Hand Hosts Student-Led Conferences Student Led Conferences

Thomas County parents of pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students at Hand-In-Hand Primary School engaged in an evening of student-led conferences on December 14, 2021 which are beneficial for the student, parents, and teachers.

“The conference event gives the child an opportunity to "show what they know" as they shine and share their successes and growths in school,” said kindergarten teacher Anna McKenzie.

In addition to the student input at the conferences, the parent is able to shed light on his or her child’s behavior or learning styles that the teacher may not have observed. Likewise the teacher might be able to share a different perspective of the child’s behavior, school environment, or academic performance of which the parents were not aware. The conferences are usually brief and have a “show and tell” likeness about them; as the child shows the parents how things are done in school.  Whether it's reading a list of words or saying quick math facts with a timer or even how problems are solved with peers, the parents are free to ask questions or stop the teacher for clarification at any time during the conferences. Once the conference is concluded, parents leave with data results of their child’s academic performance and additional resources to help their child at home if needed or requested.

“Hopefully everyone leaves with a happy heart and a greater understanding of the child's plan for success,” said McKenzie.   


PreK & Kindergarten ONLINE Registration Monday & Tuesday PreK graphic

An ONLINE registration portal will be active on January 31 and February 1. This live link will be available on this website and on social media for registration. If you need access to a computer, please call Hand-In-Hand at 229-225-3908 and ask for Trish Kearce who will schedule an appointment to assist you in registering your child.  All eligible students signed up for pre-k on January 31 and February 1 will be guaranteed a slot. Out-of-district students will be accepted upon approval by the Board of Education.

A link will also be available during online registration to schedule your child’s screening appointment. 

Click here for more information.

Pre-Kindergarteners Engage in Engineering Solutions  Pre-Kindergarteners Engage in Engineering Solutions

Thomas County pre-kindergarten students in Kimberly Lamos’s class at Hand-In-Hand Primary School are engaging in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activities that focus on physics, comparison of shapes, load distribution, and the building of structures.

“This year my students have really shown an interest in building with different materials.  My class is full of future architects and engineers!” said Lamos.   

Students were divided into 3 different teams and each team was given the same supplies: different types of gummy candies and toothpicks.  The goal was to build a bridge that would stand on its own and support a car without crashing down.  Students used critical thinking skills to work together to make a sturdy bridge and then rethink how to build it when it became wobbly.  With teacher support and guidance, each team was able to create a bridge that did not crash when their car was placed on it.  Each group came up with uniquely creative solutions to the STEM challenge.

“The kids truly enjoyed working together to build something and to incorporate their ideas, but the best part was getting to have a tasty treat with the leftovers,” said Lamos.