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HNH "K Classes Learned About Etiquette and Manners from Fancy Nancy" dress

After reading the book called Fancy Nancy, kindergarten students learned proper etiquette and table manners.  The boys and girls dressed up in their Sunday clothes.  The boys learned how to bow and the girls learned how to curtsey to greet each other.  The boys pulled chairs out for the girls.  Students waited to eat until everyone at their table had been served.  Some classes even had menus for the students to order from.  It was such a fun experience for the students.  Click read more for more pictures.

PreK & Kindergarten Registration Continues ONLINE PreK & K registration

There are limited spots available so hurry to enroll your child! Registration will continue online until all available spots are filled. Call Hand-In-Hand Primary School at 229-225-3908 if you have questions.

Please click below to register your child for Pre-K. 
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Please click below to register your child for Kindergarten. Students currently enrolled in Pre-K at Hand-In-Hand DO NOT need to register for Kindergarten.
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After registering your child, please call Hand-In-Hand at 229-225-3908 to schedule your child's screening appointment.


HNH " PK students explored Dinosaurs" Dino Mural

Pre-k classes have been exploring different kinds of dinosaurs.  Students were exposed to these words:   volcano, footprint, fossil, lava, skeleton, dinosaur, egg. Mrs. Paige's class created a mural to show what they learned about pre-historic animals.  Mrs. Taralyn's class were paleontologists exploring eggs to find fossils.  Mrs. Kim's class dug in the dirt for fossils. Click Read more to see other pictures.

Spring Parent Advisory Council Meeting parent advisory council

The Thomas County School System recently held the spring Parent Advisory Council meeting. Superintendent Dr. Lisa Williams presented an overview of the systems’ plans for Federal CARES and funding and reviewed projects planned for successful E-SPLOST V funding. Assistive Technology Technician Alison Parker provided an update on the assistive technology resources and supports provided by the school system. Dr. Bob Dechman, Assistant Superintendent for Federal Programs and Accountability, presented the system’s policy on Family Engagement and asked participants to complete a survey to provide suggestions for plan revision. Each school principal reviewed progress on their School Improvement Plans to date and asked parents to complete a survey to make suggestions for next year’s plan.

We invite you to watch the recording of the meeting and provide your input as well. If you have questions or input, you may contact Dr. Bob Dechman by email bdechman@tcjackets.net or contact the parent involvement coordinator at your child’s school.

ZOOM Meeting Recording

You may also share your input by completing the following surveys:

District Family Engagement Policy: https://forms.gle/9cJp73gXCBqK4L8C6

School SIP survey: https://forms.gle/M6yXUwZSEZRVtLk96

HNH "Students enjoyed trying to catch a Leprechaun" St. Patrick's Day

Students at HNH enjoyed a day creating traps to catch a Leprechaun.  Some of those traps almost caught him, but he was too sneaky for us. It was a day of eating and tasting green foods.  Graphing was also included in recording results of those foods that students liked and did not like.   Click on Read More to see other things that we did.