Pre-Kindergarteners Engage in Engineering Solutions

 Pre-Kindergarteners Engage in Engineering Solutions

Thomas County pre-kindergarten students in Kimberly Lamos’s class at Hand-In-Hand Primary School are engaging in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activities that focus on physics, comparison of shapes, load distribution, and the building of structures.

“This year my students have really shown an interest in building with different materials.  My class is full of future architects and engineers!” said Lamos.   

Students were divided into 3 different teams and each team was given the same supplies: different types of gummy candies and toothpicks.  The goal was to build a bridge that would stand on its own and support a car without crashing down.  Students used critical thinking skills to work together to make a sturdy bridge and then rethink how to build it when it became wobbly.  With teacher support and guidance, each team was able to create a bridge that did not crash when their car was placed on it.  Each group came up with uniquely creative solutions to the STEM challenge.

“The kids truly enjoyed working together to build something and to incorporate their ideas, but the best part was getting to have a tasty treat with the leftovers,” said Lamos.  


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