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Last Updated: 9/9/2020 6:27 PM
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Mrs. Dara Creech
277 Hall Road
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Welcome to Garrison Pilcher's Counselor's Corner!  My name is Dara Creech, and I serve as your child's school counselor. I have enjoyed getting to know each of your children through my monthly visits to your child's classroom.   

Counseling and guidance is an integral part of the total education program at Thomas County Elementary Schools. The counseling program supports the elementary school mission through services and activities designed to nurture the development of knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential for lifelong learning and success.

The professional school counselors at Thomas County Elementary Schools strive to promote and enhance the learning process for all students. This mission is accomplished through implementation of school counseling programs developed based on the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model. 

I want to continue to be an integral part of your child's education.  Please reach out to me for any support your child may need.


We Believe...
-All students can be successful learners
-Every student can develop the attitudes,
knowledge and skills needed to succed in life
-All students have a right to feel safe at school AND a responsibility to help make the school a safe place 
-Every student deserves support and guidance in developing goals for success

-All students deserve to understand the relevancy of their education
-Respect, courtesy, and compassion among students and staff is highly valuable  

As Professional School Counselors,
We Will...

-Plan, organize, and implement programs to promote successful learning in a safe, inclusive environment  
-Use data to monitor student progress, guide program decisions, and seek improvement each year
-Design, deliver, and manage a comprehensive school counseling program that aligns with ASCA National Standards

-Abide by Ethical Standards for School Counselors
-Participate in professional development activities essential to maintaining a quality School Counseling Program









Additional Information

Counseling Services

At Garrison-Pilcher, the school counselor provides counseling services by working with students individually, in small groups, and during monthly classroom guidance lessons. 

Guidance Curriculum

Each month I visit classrooms and discuss a different topic based on the needs of the school.  I love visiting classrooms and working with all students at Garrison-Pilcher!  The following is my schedule for classroom lessons this school year:

September:  Meet the Counselor (online lesson)

October:  Mindset

November/December:  Speak Up, Be Safe 

January: Tattling vs. Telling

February: Friendship

March: Respecting Differences

April/May: Career Lessons

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