DAR Winners Announced

The Thomasville Chapter of the DAR has announced the winners of the Community Service Division of the Junior American Citizenship Contest for 2015. Garrison-Pilcher Elementary winners are:

1st Grade, Group 2:  Stamp: 1st, Ricky Rivera (Ms. Lambert); 2nd, Rosi Flores (Ms. Lambert); 3rd, Ella Smith (Ms. Lambert). 1st Grade Group 3:  Stamp: 1st, Alex Reichert (Ms. Lambert).

2nd Grade, Group 1: Banner: 1st, Ms. Swearingen’s Patriots; 2nd, Braeden Barlow (Ms. Warren); Laylen Hines (Ms. Warren); Drew Jones (Ms. Warren). Stamp: 1st, Laylen Hines (Ms. Warren); 2nd, Ashley King (Ms. Swearingen); 3rd, Gerardo Meaker (Ms. Swearingen); HM, Kenley Loper (Ms. Warren). Photographic Essay: 1st, Kenley Loper (Ms. Warren). Poem: 1st, Lola Parker (Ms. Warren); 2nd, Kadrein Sackie (Ms. Warren); 3rd, Jesse Taylor (Ms. Warren). Short Story: 1st, Dallas Pitts (Ms. Warren)


2nd Grade, Group 2: Banner: 1st, Ms. Swearingen’s Troopers; 2nd, Cayden Harvey (Ms. Rich); Taylor Johnson (Ms. Rich); Jincy Kent (Ms. Rich); Aleah Moore (Ms. Rich); Asia Little (Ms. Rich); 3rd, Teyana Denson (Ms. Rich); Oshen Feliciano (Ms. Rich); Navaeh Frazier (Ms. Rich); Braden Griffin (Ms. Rich); Chasten Harrison (Ms. Rich). HM: David Wheeler (Ms. Rich); Dylan Wilder (Ms. Rich); Corey Williams (Ms. Rich); Robert Wilson (Ms. Rich); Amelia Zeigler (Ms. Rich). Poster: 1st, Ashlee Holm (Ms. Burton); 2nd, Sarah Dennis (Ms. Rich); 3rd, Chasten Harrison (Ms. Rich); HM, R.J. Christopher (Ms. Rich). Stamp: 1st, Ethan Luke (Ms. Roach); 2nd, Kinsley Miller (Ms. D. Taylor); 3rd, C.J. Humphries (Ms. Roach). Photographic Essay: 1st, Roan Adams (Ms. Warren); 2nd, Katelyn Bradshaw (Ms. Warren). Poem: 1st, Laney Mobley (Ms. Warren); 2nd, Sophia Stewart (Ms. Warren); 3rd, Ansley Marsh (Ms. Burton); HM, Brylee Reynolds (Ms. Burton). Short Story: 1st, Laney Mobley (Ms. Warren); 2nd, Adariana Barber (Ms. Warren).

2nd Grade, Group 3: Banner, 1st, Donna Taylor’s class. Stamp: 1st, Dequan Peak (Ms. D. Taylor).


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