2019 DAR Winners



Pictured left to right, individual winners:

Front row, left to right: Carter Adams (National), Samantha Knight (National), back row: Abbie Griffis (local), Kara Colone (local), Khloe Barrow (local);

Row 2: Isabel Varas (National), Daniel Thompson (local);  Graham Gaines (state), Iyanna Thomas (local), Karlee Williford (local).


Ms. Donna Taylor’s 2nd Grade Class, Taylor’s Troops, Banner, 1st place state winner.


Ms. Lynn Burton’s 2nd Grade Class, Banner, 1st place local winner.


Ms. Kathy Swearingen’s 2nd Grade;  Banner, 1st place National winner:

Spectacular Rocket Launchers: Kelsey Brinson, Henry McInnis; back row: Harper Perry, Gavin Henderson, Arbrielle Hayward, Santo McClain.



Ms. Kathy Swearingen’s 2nd Grade; Banner, 2nd place Local winner:

The Lunar Landing Kids: Bethany Moore, Simon Lane, Kaylei Mainprize; back row:Savannah Smith, Marion Thompson, James Viar.

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