DAR Winners


Nineteen Thomas County students form Garrison-Pilcher Elementary School were winners in the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Junior Citizens Contest:  “The 100th Anniversary of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier: Rise and Shine for Duty, Honor, and Patriotism.”  The National Daughters of the American Revolution created the Junior American Citizens Committee to promote good citizenship and appreciation of American heritage and history among every school-age child in the United States. The JAC Committee offers contests in art, creative expression, and community service.

GP 1st Grade Winners
Bethany Warren’s first grade class produced winners in three categories. (Front row L-R) Rebecca Jane Lackey, Ella Palmer, and Layla Bass won first place in the Banner Art Contest. (Back row L-R)  Parker VanHeiningen won first place and Wilder Howard won second place in the Poster Art Contest. Abel Perez-Lopez won second place in the Stamp Art Contest.

GP 2nd Banner
Second graders in Vicki Warren’s and Lynn Burton’s classes won awards in the Banner Art Contest.  (Front row L-R) Riley Lamos, Jadyn Murrah (not pictured), Emree Reneau, and Ariyana Powell won first place.  (Back row L-R) Abigail Bone, Isla Farrow (not pictured), and Libby Strickland won second place.

GP 2nd Poster
Second grade winners in the Poster Art Contest were Aaliyah Cooper, 1st place; Katie Sipriano, 2nd place; Riley Lamos, 2nd place; Emree Reneau, 3rd place, Jadyn Murrah (not pictured), 3rd place; and Andrew Woods, Honorable Mention.  

GP 2nd Stamp
Second grade winners in the Stamp Art Contest were Jadyn Murrah (not pictured), 1st place; Leland White, 2nd place; Riley Lamos, 3rd place; and Emree Reneau, 3rd place.


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