Warren Awarded Community Foundation Mini-Grant


Thomas County first grade teacher Bethany Warren of Garrison-Pilcher Elementary School was awarded the Community Foundation Public Education Mini-Grant of $500 this past December for spring 2022 projects. Warren’s students received a class set of “Boogie Boards” which is an alternative to the traditional whiteboard. Students can use the included stylus, a pen, or even a fingernail. There is no need to buy special markers. The boards erase instantly with the push of a button and can be disinfected with any available cleaning product. These boards will be used daily for years to come!

Teachers in Thomasville City, Thomas County, and Brooks County School Systems were awarded grants of up to $500. A total of $10,500 was awarded in December 2021 to 22 educators across these three school systems. 

Bethany's Warren's students show off their "Thank you" messages on Boogie Boards received through a Community Foundation Public Education Mini-Grant.  Pictured:  Front Row: Wilder Howard, Parker VanHeiningen, Kayla Gaspar Baltazar, Sam Carter, Dylan Campbell, Joshua Matias, Abel Perez-Lopez.  Back Row: Rebecca Jane Lackey, Bethany Warren, Layla Bass, Jaxon Palmer, Wil Griffin, Riggs Taylor, Christy Samuel, Kenyan Mack, Marty Jenkins



Garrison-Pilcher Elementary School first graders Wil Griffin, Langston Epp, and Layla Bass explore the capabilities of their new Boogie Board devices obtained through a Community Foundation Public Education Mini-Grant. 

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