We need your input on our CLIP!

Each year the Thomas County School System prepares a single document that contains every school improvement initiative for the coming year. It is called the Comprehensive Local Education Agency (LEA) Improvement Plan, or CLIP for short.


The CLIP is broken into parts based on academic content areas or school initiative, such as community involvement, healthy habits, highly qualified educators, career readiness activities, and technology. At the beginning of each academic goal section the student performance data is displayed in a chart. Based on an analysis of this chart, schools set goals and select initiatives to make improvements in student performance. The several pages that follow each data chart list all improvement actions, explain what resources will be utilized to implement actions, and identify evidence that will be used to evaluate the outcome of actions.

Each year, school leaders work with their staff and parents to evaluate and update the school improvement plan. Your input is an important part of this revision process. If you know of a need that the plan does not address, or if you have an idea of a solution, please share your comments on the brief survey that follows the plan.

Thank you for taking an interest in the Thomas County Comprehensive Improvement Plan!

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