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Last Updated: 3/27/2019 2:39 PM

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Spanning kindergarten through high school, Thomas County School System’s robust, vertically aligned computer programming initiative is preparing students for engineering and computer science careers of the future.

The comprehensive coding and computer science curriculum begins at Hand-in-Hand Primary School and continues all the way through AP Computer Science at Thomas County Central High School.  

Starting in the earliest grades, students are taught the basics of computer science with the anticipation that the logical thinking required to code will not only provide students with the fundamental understanding of computational thinking, but will also increase the students’ capability to become better readers, learners, and critical thinkers.

The primary school students learn coding basics through completing various “unplugged” activities which help them learn directions, logic, and basic mathematical skills. In elementary school, students expand their knowledge of computer science and coding by completing Project Lead the Way STEM curriculum and by rotating through a coding class, just as they would a P.E., music, or art course.  In these elementary coding courses, students are excited to complete lessons and courses on, program Ozobots and other robots such as Dash and Dot, and experiment with multiple ways to expand their computational thinking skills.  

Students at Thomas County Middle School  have the opportunity to take an additional technology exploratory course during which students complete various projects using different coding languages.  The middle grades students also continue the Project Lead the Way curriculum in their academic classes.

At Thomas County Central High School, students have the opportunity to complete a full computer programming pathway which culminates with AP Computer Science.  Students can also choose elective courses related to the fields of robotics and engineering.

These innovative practices and courses allow students to become empowered learners who have the necessary skills to pursue college degrees in various STEM fields, find an interest in careers in the ever-growing field of computer science, and become creators of technology rather than just consumers.  

Computer Science Scope and Sequence

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Additional Computer Science and Coding Resources

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