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Faculty & Staff Resources

Last Updated: 2/24/2021 3:34 PM

Certification Information

All certified personnel must obtain and maintain Georgia certification. Georgia teacher certification requirements are available at the Georgia Professional Standards Commission website. You can view lists of approved programs for teacher certification, TAPP requirements, and GACE exam information. The Georgia Professional Standards Commission (PSC) issues all Georgia teaching, paraprofessional and administrative certificates. Once your documents have been submitted to the PSC, you may see your certificate information on their website. Click on certification status then enter your certificate number or your first and last name. You can monitor your progress at your convenience.

Separation of Employment

The Separation of Employment Form must be completed if you are leaving the employment of the system.

The Exit Interview will allow the system to obtain valuable information from those leaving our employment.

Transfer Forms

To be considered for a transfer within the system, employees should complete one of the following forms:

Transfer for Certified employees

Transfer for Non-certified employees

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