Thomas County Central offering live stream

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Fans of the Thomas County Central Yellow Jackets will be able to watch the action of the 2020 football season live from the comfort of their own home through a new live streaming service that will be offered by the school.

“We felt an obligation to our supporters to offer something for them that would be as close as possible to them being inside the stadiums we play in,” said Central athletic director Sam Holland about the live stream, which will be offered through the Sport Scope company. “We looked at all of the available options out there and felt like this was the best choice of combining quality of service and benefit for our sports programs.”

With Covid-19 social distancing mandates in place in most stadiums across Georgia, it is anticipated that attendance with most games will be limited to 25-30% capacity. That was the key motivating factor in developing the live stream option for fans.

“We know going in that a lot of our fans are not going to be able to attend our games just because of the limitations being placed on stadium attendance, which with the situation we’re in makes sense,” Holland said. “This will at least give those fans who can’t get a seat in the stadium the opportunity of being able to watch the game, and also be able to listen to our own radio crew’s play-by-play along with it. We feel like it’s a high quality option for Central fans.”

The Yellow Jacket radio crew of Bryan Davis, Jamie Majors, and long-time play-by-play man Randy Young will be providing commentary for fans watching the live stream.

“What a lot of people don’t realize is that revenue from football ticket sales is what funds a lot of what our other athletic programs do through the year,” Holland added. “With the live stream, our fans can purchase the viewing rights for the game for $15, and when we get our portion of the proceeds we will make close to what a general admission ticket would’ve cost. It is our hope that this live stream will help offset the losses we are anticipating.”

To access the games, fans will need to go to and find Thomas County Central’s team page. There they will be able to click on the game they want to watch and purchase a ticket with a credit card. They will then be emailed an individualized code that will provide them access to the live stream. Detailed instructions on accessing the games will be shared on social media. It is recommended that phones and tablets use Chrome, Safari, or Firefox, while laptops can also use Edge, and smart TV’s the Firestick Silk or Samsung browsers.

“We’re excited that not only will our local fans be able to watch our games but also our fans abroad and serving in the military can as well,” Holland concluded. “We’ve already heard from some of our military personnel about how they can’t wait to watch and ‘be back home’ for a little while. We also hope to use this technology for our other sports as well.”

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