Electro Avengers to compete at state

Lego League TCMS

Thomas County Middle School’s Lego League team, the Electro Avengers, recently traveled to Columbus, GA, for the FLL Super Region Competition. The team placed first overall earning the coveted Champion’s Award. This first place achievement means the team will progress to the state competition.

The Lego League Challenge for this year was for students to improve upon the way energy is created, stored, distributed or consumed. The Electro Avengers focused on improving modern-day wind turbines and developed an inflatable wind turbine prototype called the Inflata-Bine.

Students discovered standard wind turbines are not biodegradable and cause thousands of bird, insect and bat fatalities. To help improve upon these problems, students created a turbine out of a soft and biodegradable latex that could be affixed to the top of homes. In addition to this, the team worked to program a robot to maneuver through a set of tasks and skills during Robot Games.

The Electro Avengers will compete on the state level at Georgia Tech on Saturday, February 11.


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