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Last Updated: 9/18/2020 5:07 PM


Remote Learning: Thomas County Schools

This website contains helpful information for the remote learning program.  Please scroll down for a list of frequently asked questions and answers.

We have introduced the term “remote classroom” to refer to the on-line learning option that is most like a traditional classroom. This option will provide a Thomas County teacher or a group of teachers for each student. These teachers will teach from a classroom at the grade-level appropriate school and will originate daily, live interactive lessons on-line. Remote Classrooms will follow the school system calendar and schedule.  In addition to the remote learning program, parents can choose for their child to enroll in the the virtual school program. This program allows for more flexibility for families who choose online learning.  For more information about the virtual option, please visit the virtual school page.

Parents selecting the remote learning option should commit to provide each of their children a structured setting where he or she can participate in daily lessons that will last the majority of the regular school day. Students will be expected to log-on with a camera and microphone capable device provided by the system and will participate in classroom activities very much the same as they would if they were in school. Students participating in the remote classroom will have scheduled times each school day to logon and participate in interactive lessons. Parents will be expected to monitor young children and support the teacher’s classroom expectations. The school system will provide a Chromebook to students who select this option. Reliable Internet connectivity is required for this option. The school system will make reasonable efforts to assist families with gaining internet connectivity, but we are aware that there are some areas of our county that do not have reliable internet or internet at all. Getting students to a location where they can have daily internet activity will be the parents’ responsibility. 

The remote classroom option for Pre-K and kindergarten students will feature shortened days with on-line reading and math lessons designed to teach pre-kindergarten skills and prepare students for the next grade. Parents or guardians selecting this option should plan to have an adult support the student each day as they complete the online classes. Parents should plan to spend additional time beyond the online classes reading with their children. In grades PK-4, one or more teachers will be assigned to teach the remote academic and exploratory classes. Each student will be assigned to a specific teacher. In grades PK-2, students  will have the same teacher for all academic classes. In grades 3 and 4, students will have two teachers for their academic subjects just as they would with the traditional classroom option. In grades 5-8, students will have a different teacher for each academic subject. In grades 9-12, students will have a normal high school schedule with a separate teacher for each subject. Selected teachers at Thomas County Central High School will have one or more sections of their schedules assigned to teach students remotely.  Students selecting the remote classroom option should expect to stay in their remote classes for at least one nine weeks.

Students may transition between remote and in-person classes at the change of each grading period. Students choosing the remote classroom option will have Thomas County teachers who teach daily at their assigned school. They will be available for in-person or on-line meetings with students and parents and will provide other academic support as needed. Students and parents will have access to and support from school counselors and administrators to help solve problems that arise just as they would if they were taking classes in the school building.

The open house schedule for traditional and remote learning can be found here.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my child’s remote learning schedule?

Students will follow a remote learning schedule that is established by the school.  Information about your child’s remote learning schedule will be shared by the school or teacher at the beginning of the school year. Students in grades 1-12 can also see their class schedule in Infinite Campus.  Information about how to log-in to Infinite Campus is included below. 

What supplies will my child need for remote learning?

Remote learning teachers will provide a supply list for students.  Supply lists will be located on teacher web pages. 

When can I check out a device for my child?

Schedules for device checkout will be posted on the websites and Facebook pages for each school.  Devices should be checked out at the student’s home school. Please contact your child’s school if you have questions.

How can I support my child as a remote learner?

The most important way to support your child as a remote learner is to keep them engaged in the learning opportunities provided by the teacher.  Remote learners should stick to the schedule provided by the school.   If your child is having trouble with the course work, please feel free to reach out to the teacher. It’s also important to keep your child involved in physical activity and exercise.  It’s also important to have a dedicated place in your home for your students to complete their school work.  Students should be encouraged to wear school clothes and participate in normal hygiene routines as remote learners.  

Where will my child go to find their lessons?

Lessons for students in grades PK-1 will be located in the student’s Seesaw account.  Lesson information for students in grades 2-12 will be located in Google Classroom.  In Google Classroom, assignments will be found on the “Classwork” page.  Seesaw and Google Classroom are located on the Clever page.

What is the Clever page?

The Clever page is a portal that provides access and links to all digital learning programs.  The homepage for Clever is  Students in grades 2-12 can log-in to the Clever page by clicking “Log In With School Email” and using their school email address.  Students in grades PK-1 can log-in to the Clever page by clicking “Log In with District Credentials” and using their school log-in information.  Students in grades PK-2 can also be issued a Clever badge that will allow them to sign-in to the Clever page by scanning the QR code using the device’s camera. Log-in information can be provided by your child's teacher. 

Seesaw is a platform used in grades PK-2 for students to complete work and parents to monitor student progress.  Teachers will provide log-in information for Seesaw at the beginning of the school year.  Your student will log-in to Seesaw through the Clever page.

What is Seesaw?

Seesaw is a platform used in grades PK-2 for students to complete work and parents to monitor student progress.  Teachers will provide log-in information for Seesaw at the beginning of the school year.  Your student will log-in to Seesaw through the Clever page.

What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is a learning platform for students in grades 2-12 to complete assignments.  Teachers will post assignments on the “Classwork” page in the Google Classroom. Students with multiple teachers may be enrolled in multiple Google Classrooms.  At the beginning of the year, students will be provided with a code from their teacher to join the Google Classroom for that class.  Google Classroom is located on the Clever page and can also be found by going to

How can I learn more about Google for Education?

Here is a link to a spreadsheet of informative, short videos on how to use various Google tools such as Google Drive, Google Classroom, Google Docs, etc.

How can I monitor my child’s progress?

You can always reach out to your child’s teacher for more information about their progress. 

In grades 1-12, student progress can be monitored by viewing grades in the Infinite Campus parent portal.

Click here for instructions on how to register for Parent Portal. 

Click here to log-in to Parent Portal if you already have an account.

In grades 2-12, parents with students enrolled in Google Classroom courses can sign up for email summaries to get more information about assignment completion.  The Google Classroom email summaries will provide you with information about missing work, upcoming work, and class activities.  Click here for more information about Google Classroom email summaries.

In grades PK-2, parents can sign up for a Seesaw Parent and Family account.  You will be able to monitor student activities with the Seesaw Parent and Family app.  Click here for more information about Seesaw for Families.

Who should I contact if we have issues with the school-issued device?

Please call your child’s school if there are issues with the school issued device.

Who should I contact if I am having trouble logging in to different programs?

Please call your child’s school or contact the remote learning teacher if there are issues with logging in to any of the programs.

We already have a device at home that my child can use.  Are we required to get a device from the school?

If you have a device at home that your student can use, you are not required to check out a device from the school.  The Thomas County School System will not be responsible for troubleshooting issues on non-school issued devices.

Will attendance be taken each day?

Attendance will be taken daily.  Students are expected to participate in class sessions and complete assignments on time.

Is attendance for all Zoom meetings necessary?

Student participation in synchronous Zoom sessions is an important part of the remote learning program.  Attendance will be taken daily.  

Will meals be provided for remote learning students?

Yes, if your child(ren) is/are enrolled as a REMOTE or VIRTUAL learner for Thomas County Schools weekly meals (five breakfast and five lunch) will be distributed on Wednesdays from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. or while supplies last at the front entrance of Thomas County Middle School.  Students do not have to be present for meal pick up.  If you have any questions, please contact the Buzz helpline at 229-413-1234.

When and how can I enroll my student in the traditional setting?

Students enrolled in the remote learning program can decide to enroll in the traditional setting at the end of the 9 week grading period.

Does the school system provide internet access for remote learning?

The school system will make reasonable efforts to assist families with gaining internet connectivity. Getting students to a location where they can have daily internet activity will be the parents’ responsibility.  A map of school system sponsored WiFi locations can be found here.

Can my student go to school for band, sports or other extracurricular activities?

Students taking remote classes may participate in extracurricular activities sponsored by the school system.


For more information about the remote classroom option, please contact your child's school or Erin Rehberg, Digital Learning Coordinator, at or 229-225-4380.