BRAVO Behavior Plan

BRAVO Behavior Plan


  In the classroom:

  • I will show my teacher that I’m ready to learn.

  • I will follow directions. 

  • I will take pride in my environment and the tools I use.  

  • I am part of my classroom community, and I will pitch in to help.  

  • I will get my teachers attention appropriately (raise hand, use signal, etc.). 

  • I will make positive choices and speak to others positively.

  In the hallway: 

  • I will walk in the hallway on the correct side.

  • I will remain quiet when walking in line

  • I will be respectful of others and school property.

  • I will wear my facemask over my nose and mouth at all times. 

  • I will have a pass to go to my destination. 

In the restroom:

  • I will ask for permission before leaving class for the restroom.  

  • I will respect others, school property, and instruction time.  

  • I will not leave a mess behind.

 In the cafeteria:  

  • I will stay in my seat and raise my hand for help if needed. 

  • I will use an inside voice.  

  • I will keep my hands, feet, and objects to myself. 

  • I will clean up after myself and put trash in the appropriate area.

On the playground/soccer field:  

  • I will play with/use equipment appropriately (as it’s intended).  

  • I will stay visible at all times and ask for permission to leave the playground. 

  • I will be respectful of others on the playground.

Show Respect & Make good choices!

Positive Consequences

We appreciate and acknowledge students who exhibit desired behaviors. Students will have opportunities to earn classroom incentives for demonstrating positive behaviors.

Such as:

  • drink a soda in class, eat a snack in class, outside lunch pass, Tech Friday

Corrective Consequences

In order to maintain a safe and positive learning environment for all, we discourage inappropriate behavior in our school and classrooms. The following guidelines will be followed for discouraging inappropriate behaviors:

  • If a student does not follow one of our school or classroom expectations, he/she will receive a verbal warning and will be retaught the desired behavior.

  • If a student does not correct his/her behavior after the verbal warning, the student will have a consequence (loss of recess for five minutes)

  • If the inappropriate behavior continues a parent or guardian will be contacted about the behavior (email or phone call).

  • After parent contact, if the behavior continues, lunch detention will be given. 

  • If the behavior continues, a level b will be given. 

  • Five Classroom Discipline Reports (level b) that occur over the course of a quarter or one severe offense will result in an office referral. All office referrals will be sent to the office to be seen by a principal and consequences will be administered by the principal.