School Supply List


2022-2023 5th Grade MERIT Supply List 

Thomas County Upper Elementary


Pencils (mechanical preferred)

1- Composition journal for ELA

1 pack of dividers (need at least 5 dividers to be shared by the teachers)

2 3-prong Folders for Social Studies  (any color) * MAKE SURE THEY HAVE PRONGS

2  pocket folders for ELA (any color)

1 one inch binder

Highlighter-1 pack that contains at least one yellow and one pink highlighter (needs 4 colors in all)

1 pack of sheet protectors for Social Studies

Colored pencils-1 pack  (for science)

Markers- 1 pack (for social studies) 

Ear buds

Handheld Pencil sharpener (not electric)


Teacher Wish List:

Kleenexes 1 box gallon-sized plastic bags Clorox wipes Color Cardstock


*Please note that these wish list items are not required. If you are able to provide any of these items, please send them to your student's homeroom teacher. They will be very much appreciated!