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The fundamental purpose of seventh grade mathematics is to formalize and extend the mathematics that students learned in the previous grades. The critical areas, organized into units, deepen and extend understanding of linear relationships, in part by contrasting them with exponential phenomena, and in part by applying linear models to data that exhibit a linear trend. Seventh grade standards use algebra to deepen and extend understanding of geometric knowledge from prior grades. The third unit of the Accelerated Mathematics course ties together the algebraic and geometric ideas studied. 
The eighth grade standards are designed to prepare students to bridge from middle grades mathematics to high school courses that will ensure all students are college and career ready by the conclusion of their fourth high school course. The Standards for Mathematical Practice are a key component as they are applied in each course to equip students in making sense of problems and building a set of tools they can use in real-world situations.
Rather than racing to cover many topics in a “mile-wide, inch-deep curriculum”, the standards ask mathematics teachers to significantly narrow and deepen the way time and energy are spent in the classroom. Much of the eighth grade mathematics curriculum focuses on functions and linear relationships as building blocks to algebra and geometry.  Georgia Standards of Excellence


Unit 1-4 : 7th Grade Standards

Unit 5-11: 8th Grade Standards

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