Merit Requirements, Forms, and Clubs

MERIT Requirements, Forms and Clubs


MERIT Requirements and Forms

Requirements to be designated a MERIT Student

Thomas County Middle School

1. Must take academic classes designated as part the MERIT Program with at least one "Honors" class in an area of identified strength. MERIT students will be encouraged to take a minimum of two "Honors" courses, and they may take up to a full load of "Honors" classes based upon their achievement, interest, and motivation

2. Must take foreign language as a class each year beginning in sixth grade

3. Must complete 20 hours of community service each year

4. Must maintain an exemplary disciplinary record

Students must also participate in at least one academically oriented  extra-curricular activity and two academic competitions each year.

Students with an overall average of less than 85 will be placed on academic probation. 


Anything else you may need can be found on the MERIT website.