Unit 3 - Ratio & Proportional

Unit 3: Ratios and Proportional Relationships

This unit builds on the students’ knowledge and understandings of rate and unit concepts that were developed in Grade 6. This includes the need to develop proportional relationships through the analysis of graphs, tables, equations, and diagrams. Grade 7 will push for the students’ to develop a deep understanding of the characteristics of a proportional relationship. Mathematics should be represented in as many ways as possible in this unit by using graphs, tables, pictures, symbols, and words. Some examples of providing the students with this opportunity are the following: researching newspaper ads, constructing their own questions, keeping a log of prices (particularly sales), and determining savings by purchasing items on sale.


PATTERNING & ALGEBRAIC REASONING – linear expressions with rational coefficients, complex unit rates, proportional relationships.

7.PAR.4 Recognize proportional relationships in relevant, mathematical problems; represent, solve, and explain these relationships with tables, graphs, and equations.