Unit 5 - Probability

Unit 5: Probability

This unit builds on students’ knowledge and understanding of statistics from the 6th grade. Students begin to use random samples to make predictions about an entire population and judge the possible discrepancies of the predictions. Opportunities are provided for students to use real-life situations from science and social studies to show the purpose of using random sampling to make inferences about a population. Students will begin to understand the probability of chance (simple and compound). Along with the understanding of probability, they will develop probability models to be used to find the probability of events. They will make predictions and use the information from simulations for predictions. The students will begin to expand their knowledge and understanding of the probability of simple events, models, and investigate patterns of association in bivariate data.


PROBABILITY REASONING – likelihood, theoretical and experimental probability.

7.PR.6 Using mathematical reasoning, investigate chance processes and develop, evaluate, and use probability models to find probabilities of simple events presented in authentic situations.