Fair Bear Essay Winners Advance to State

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Each year, Thomas County students in fourth, fifth, and sixth grade participate in the Georgia National Fair's Fair Bear Writing Competition.  Students compete at the school level, and first place winners from each grade compete at the state level.

The annual competition asks students to write a story about an American black bear who lived from 1980-1993 in Middle Georgia near the Georgia National Fairgrounds.  The bear’s path often involved crossing 1-75 where it met its tragic death in 1993. It was immortalized as the Georgia National Fair’s mascot and has been the subject of their writing competition since 1994.

This year’s topic was “Fair Bear's Favorite Holiday Tradition” where students were asked to write a story describing Fair Bear's holiday traditions that he looks forward to each year.  Students were able to write about any holiday, who Fair Bear spends the holiday with, and the reason for celebrating the holiday.  Students were also able to include descriptions of fun decorations used to celebrate.

Morgan Cullison from fifth grade and Zach Williams from sixth grade will compete at the state competition.  State-level winners will be announced on April 15, 2020.

Fair Bear 5th 2020  6th Fair Bear 2020

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