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PreK Kindergarten Registration Register NOW for Pre-K & Kindergarten

Use the link below to register your child for Pre-K or Kindergarten. If you need access to a computer, please call Hand-In-Hand at 229-225-3908 and ask for Trish Kearce who will schedule an appointment to assist you in registering your child. 
PreK and Kindergarten 23-24 Registration

Utilice el siguiente enlace para inscribir a su hijo en Pre-K o Kindergarten. El formulario también está disponible en español haciendo clic en el enlace del idioma en la parte superior. Si necesita acceso a una computadora, llame a Hand-In-Hand al 229-225-3908 y pregunte por Trish Kearce, que programará una cita para ayudarle a registrar a su hijo.
Inscripción de PreK y Kindergarten 23-24

After you register, please click on the link below to schedule a Pre-K & Kindergarten Screener. 
PreK and Kindergarten Screener

Para programar una evaluación en español por favor llame al 229-516-2080.

Eric Litwin HNH Literacy grant makes mini-conference possible

Thomas County and Thomasville City Schools recently collaborated to provide professional development for early learning teachers and community childcare providers. This literacy mini-conference was achievable after the two school systems received a three-year L4GA literacy grant.

The L4GA (Literacy for Learning, Living and Reading) grant is designed to provide resources and support to children and students from birth to grade 12. The conference featured presentations from professors of early learning, educational leaders, and the New York Times #1 best-selling and award-winning author, Eric Litwin. This is the second round of L4GA literacy grants for the two school systems.

“Learning to read not only provides enjoyment for children, but these early literacy skills prepare them for school readiness and long-term success,” said Dr. Bob Dechman, Thomas County Schools’ Assistant Superintendent for Federal Programs and Accountability. “Research has shown that early literacy plays a key role in academic achievement, higher graduation rates and increased productivity as an adult. We look forward to providing other similar events for additional support in the future.”

The conference ended with a Super Saturday event that provided continuing education to community childcare providers.

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Mia Freeman Seventh grader Freeman wins county spelling bee

Thomas County Middle School seventh grader Mia Freeman survived 11 rounds of competition to win this year’s spelling bee for the county schools. To narrow down the competition, prior spelling bees were held at Cross Creek Elementary and Thomas County Middle School for students in fourth through eighth grades.

Freeman walked away a winner after defeating eighth grader Anaya Patel, who was runner up.

“It is exciting to watch our students participate in the system spelling bee each year,” said Lindsay Thompson, Director of Digital Learning and Media Services.  “This type of academic competition allows our students to put their literary knowledge to the test.  We are excited for our winner, Mia Freeman, and look forward to seeing how she does at the next level.”

Freeman will compete in the Georgia Association of Educators (GAE) District Spelling Bee on February 25 in Bainbridge.

Board Members being sworn in Smith and Stewart to lead Thomas County Board of Education

The Thomas County Board of Education held its first meeting of the new calendar year Tuesday night. After the invocation, outgoing chair Mark NeSmith declared the positions of chair and vice chair vacant and asked for nominations.

Board member Ken Harper made a motion that Leah Smith be elected chair and that Dan Stewart be elected vice chair. Chris Hayes seconded Harper’s motion.  NeSmith called for any additional nominations. There were no additional nominations, so Smith and Stewart were elected to their respective roles with no dissenting votes.

Smith has been a member of the board since 2018, and this is her first time serving as chair. Smith is a registered nurse at the Thomasville Eye Center. She and her husband, Ben, have two children in the school system.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue representing Thomas County’s students, parents, and taxpayers with my re-election,” Smith said. “As the chair, I’m excited for all of the wonderful things this year holds for our school system. Working alongside Dr. Williams, vice chair Dan Stewart, the other board members, and our staff to channel your voices, I look forward to witnessing Thomas County’s successes.”

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Lego League TCMS Electro Avengers to compete at state

Thomas County Middle School’s Lego League team, the Electro Avengers, recently traveled to Columbus, GA, for the FLL Super Region Competition. The team placed first overall earning the coveted Champion’s Award. This first place achievement means the team will progress to the state competition.

The Lego League Challenge for this year was for students to improve upon the way energy is created, stored, distributed or consumed. The Electro Avengers focused on improving modern-day wind turbines and developed an inflatable wind turbine prototype called the Inflata-Bine.

Students discovered standard wind turbines are not biodegradable and cause thousands of bird, insect and bat fatalities. To help improve upon these problems, students created a turbine out of a soft and biodegradable latex that could be affixed to the top of homes. In addition to this, the team worked to program a robot to maneuver through a set of tasks and skills during Robot Games.

The Electro Avengers will compete on the state level at Georgia Tech on Saturday, February 11.


Bishop Jackson and Erin White STAR Epitome of achievement: Jackson named TCCHS STAR student

Versatile and motivated are adjectives Thomas County Central High School 2023 STAR Teacher Erin White uses to describe TCCHS 2023 STAR Student Bishop Jackson.

“Bishop is the epitome of a well-rounded and self-driven student,” White said.

Jackson, 18, said earning the STAR student title is exciting. This accolade celebrates the senior of each graduating class with the highest SAT score. 

“I worked hard to increase my SAT score for college admissions, so it means a lot to be recognized for my hard work,” he said.

White, the school’s Advanced Placement coordinator and MERIT coach, was Jackson’s first high school AP teacher. The senior chose White as his STAR teacher because he recalled her willingness to go the extra mile for her students – in or outside the classroom.

“Since the current senior class was the first to take AP U.S. Government as ninth graders, Mrs. White took extra effort to help us be successful,” Jackson said. “One memory of Mrs. White that stands out is during an 11th-grade trip to UGA and Georgia Tech. Not only did she drive the bus to Atlanta and Athens, but she facilitated a tour of both campuses. It really just shows how dedicated Mrs. White is to her students.”

He also appreciates White’s personality and perspective.

“Outside of teaching, Mrs. White is always helpful and kind, whether it be registering for exams, doing community service, or just having a conversation,” Jackson said. 

White expressed surprise and humility at Jackson’s selecting her.

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