Harper named WBL Student of Month

Ephraim Harper, a Thomas County Central High School senior employed by Clanton-Malphus- Hodges Veterinary Hospital through the Work-Based Learning program, has been named the WBL Student of the Month for October 2015.

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Freedom Shrine dedicated in honor of Veterans Day

Honoring those who dedicate their lives to protecting American freedom took center stage at Thomas County Central High School as the school rededicated its Freedom Shrine in honor of Veterans Day. “The documents on this wall aren’t just pieces of paper,” TCCHS Principal Trista Jones said. “They mark great turning points of our nation. Having them here in the school, available for all students and citizens to see firsthand, connects our past with our present, guaranteeing our strong future.”

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Cross Country finishes season

Thomas County Central High School Cross Country team had a solid season from start to finish.  The season wrapped with a state meet, which was held at Carrollton High School in Carrollton on Saturday, Nov. 7. Despite the rainy weather in Carrollton, both the girls and boys teams completed the AAAA state meet.

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Chorale performs "And All That Jazz"

Thomas County Central High School Chorale performed its Fall Showcase, “And All That Jazz,” on Oct. 29 at the Thomas County Board of Education auditorium. The event, which was free and open to the public, gave the young singers the opportunity to show off their musical talents to the community through their various groups, solos, and as a full chorus. Selections included “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” “That’s Life,” and “What a Wonderful World.” Participant Chyna Cook said the performance was “really fun and exciting” and she was happy to sing with her group. The show ended with all groups returning to the stage for a final number.

There’s a new Buzz in town

For years, there has been discussion of a new mascot for Thomas County Central High School, and it has finally happened. “I’ve had people asking about what happened to our old mascot for years, but it was always a time where it was either too late or just a bad time to try to put it together,” Randy Young, Broadcasting teacher at TCCHS said. “This time the timing was right and I contacted the boosters who wanted to see it become a reality.”

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TCCHS students win, place in Miss Kitty art contest

Three art students placed in the high school division of the Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary Poster Contest: Sophie Anderson and Hakeem Stevens tied for first (along with a student from Thomasville City Schools), and Camille Sowell placed second.

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Athletic Highlights

Noah Harnevious, Senior
Football #86, Wrestling, Baseball #25

"You can't do better than your best."

Best sports memory: Scoring my first touchdown

Favorite Subject: Math, it comes easy to me

Favorite Sport: Wrestling, because it is one on one

Food: Chicken
Movie: Rush Hour
Person I'd like to meet:
Floyd Mayweather
Place I'd like to travel: Antarctica



Accent on Academics


Dual enrollment students taking Physical Science through Bainbridge State College recently completed a lab that culminated in launching their own handmade rockets. “It is a good ‘hands on’ lab,” BSC instructor Dr. Juan Gomez said. “The students build their own rockets and get to see if they actually fly.” Senior Zack Johnson found the experience “thrilling” and said this lab was “definitely a lot more fun” than his previous experience with rocket-building in eighth grade. “We learned how to use the free fall equation to estimate the height of the rocket: y=1/2gt2,” Johnson said. Gomez said the lab involved “a lot of physics”: conservation of energy, free fall equations and Newton’s Third Law. “Particularly, they used the free fall equation, y=1/2gt2, to estimate the height to which their rocket flew,” he said.


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Here is Mr. Bob Parrish, retired Thomas County educator, who is the main speaker for the Exchange Club's Freedom Shrine rededication that occured on November 11, 2015.





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Wilhelm receives Wendy's High School Heisman recognition

Senior Conley Wilhelm was named as the Thomas County Central High School winner in the Wendy’s High School Heisman competition. Wilhelm, though not selected as a state finalist, is happy to have earned the recognition.

“I am happy to be named as our high school’s winner,” Wilhelm said. “It is something nice to put on a college application, and it was really nice to get recognition for being a student athlete.”

The Wendy’s High School Heisman, according to its official website, honors “the nation’s most esteemed high school seniors.” It is an award that honors excellence, dedication and achievement in learning and leadership in the classroom, on the field, and within the community.

“To apply, you had to have at least a 3.0 (GPA) and participate in a varsity sport,” Wilhelm explained. “I had to fill out an online application that involved questions about sports, education, and community service.”

Coach Bill Wilhelm, Conley’s father and a teacher/coach at TCCHS, is proud of his son’s accomplishments, both as a student and an athlete.

“Conley has been involved in five sports every year of his high school career,” Bill Wilhelm said. “To keep at least a 3.0 and to letter in five varsity sports is unbelievable.”

As a school winner, Conley will receive a certificate and a Wendy’s High School Heisman patch for his letterman jacket.

“We are always pleased when our students are successful both in and out of the classroom,” TCCHS Principal Trista Jones said. “Conley has certainly made the most of his years here at TCCHS, playing multiple sports and excelling academically. We are proud of his accomplishments.”