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Dana Studdard

   We made it through the 1st semester of what is turning out to be an amazing school year. We are back in MERIT "Motion" with the return of all of our field experiences. It is so important for students to travel beyond the classroom in order to see how their learned content is applied in the real world.  Many of our clubs have kicked off and are in full swing, giving students a chance to explore their own passions. Be sure to check out the MERIT Facebook  page for many pictures of club happenings.

Parents, you all have received your child's second report card. IF you feel that your child's performance is less than desired, I encourage you to email your child's teacher to set up a conference. It is a great time to meet with them! Our MERIT teachers are excellent at developing a plan to help your child succeed! If your child has a cumulative average below MERIT requirements, then he or she has been placed on academic probation. There would have been a notification letter in their report card. They will have the second semester to bring their cumulative average to an 80%. If your child is on academic probation, a conference is strongly encouraged.  If they do not bring their cumulative average to an 80% or better by the end of the school year, you will be notified of their removal from MERIT at the conclusion of the school year.  

Please continue to keep an eye on service learning hours, academic competitions, and club participation as well. We look forward to rewarding our MERIT students who meet all MERIT requirements at the conclusion of this school year in a wonderful ceremony. It is a very special evening.  



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