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Dana Studdard

    What a nine weeks!  In the MERIT world, we have seen so many interesting things: erupting volcanoes, Shark Tank presentations, explored the chemical breakdown of dry ice, and learned about the stock markets from financial "guru" Micah Elkins.  I am excited to discover what the 2nd nine weeks will bring. 

 As we enter into the 2nd nine weeks,  please be aware of our MERIT goals and expectations.  We expect MERIT students to maintain a cumulative 85% academic average. For our MERIT students, that is an average of Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Spanish (6th - 8th grade).  MERIT students are also expected to participate in ONE club. A club list can be found in those amazing MERIT handbooks. Encourage your child to choose one and communicate with the club sponsors EARLY in order to join!  IF your child participates in a school sport or honors band, they will meet that requirement. Students must also compete in TWO academic competitions.  Most of these are embedded in their MERIT classes or MERIT clubs! I will be excited to see those medals and trophies roll in!  Twenty hours of service learning or community service must be earned as well.  Flyers will be sent home each quarter with opportunities throughout our community.  We are working to build community leaders in our program.  MERIT can be an experience that is life changing for our students. It is my deepest desire that our students are better people because of the time they have spent in this program! Please feel free to reach out if you all need any support. (229)413-1544.  Please stay tuned for important upcoming MERIT events!       

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Dana Studdard


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