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yearbook ad Yearbooks for Sale

Yearbook order forms were recently sent home in Honeybee Folders. Yearbooks are $20 and may be purchased by order form or online through SWI at www.swiphoto.com/yb ($1 service fee is applied). We're excited to share with our students and their families a glimpse into our classrooms and school this year. DEADLINE TO ORDER IS APRIL 1, 2021.

Early Voting Now through March 12


MERIT Time to Apply for MERIT!

It is that exciting time of year when we start looking forward to a new group of MERIT students at Thomas County Middle School. The MERIT program of study is designed for gifted and high-achieving middle and high school students who desire a challenging academic environment to prepare for competitive admission and scholarship opportunities at the post-secondary level. The MERIT program stresses academic excellence coupled with competition, athletics, fine arts, and community service.

Interested parties should do the following:

If you are a Cross Creek Elementary or Thomas County Middle School parent, please print out the application from the TCMS MERIT webpage, and return the completed document to your child's homeroom teacher.

If your child attends school in another system, please visit the TCMS MERIT webpage, print out the application, and email the completed form to Dana Studdard, TCMS MERIT Coordinator, at dstuddard@tcjackets.net

All MERIT applications are due by April 26, 2021. 

solar system projects Solar System

Fourth-grade students have been studying the solar system.  Standards include learning about the planets, asteroid belts, and stars (to name a few topics).  Students in Amy Russell’s classes were asked to create a replica of the solar system for a class project.  Mrs. Russell was very complimentary of all of the projects turned in and added that no two were exactly the same.    


voting winners Time to Vote!

Third-grade students in Jamie Whigham’s class recently studied the branches of government and learned about the voting process.  Class elections were held for president, governor, and mayor. Candidates were allowed to campaign and were given 30 seconds to speak to the class prior to the election.  After tallying election results, Cassie Strickland was elected President.  Jayden Collier was elected Governor.  Elected as Mayor was Keyron Mills.  Congratulations to the newly elected officials.


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Fair Bear Fair Bear Writing Competition

To infinity and beyond, or at least to the Milky Way - this year’s Fair Bear Writing Competition sponsored by the Georgia National Fair has Fair Bear being launched into space.  This annual writing contest open to fourth, fifth, and sixth graders in Georgia, allows students to submit a creative writing essay based on the theme of the contest.  

Fourth-grader Henry McInnis’s entry was selected as first-place.  His writing will be forwarded to the Georgia National Fair for the state-wide competition. Devin Claiborne ‘s entry was second place, and Amanda Trautman’s entry was third.

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