Digital Learning

The vision of the Thomas County Schools Instructional Technology Department is to provide all students with access to state-of-the-art technology resources which will increase their ability to become empowered learners and responsible digital citizens who have the necessary skills and proficiencies for the next level of education and today’s workforce.

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Digital Learning and Technology Staff


Digital Learning Services


          Lindsay Thompson, Ed.D.
          Secondary Curriculum and
          Digital Learning Director
          Ph: (229) 225-4380

           Amy Tyson
           Elementary Curriculum and
           Digital Learning Director
           Ph: (229) 225-4380

Stephanie Bass
Lead Digital Learning Teacher at
Ph: (229) 225-3908

          Joshua Mimbs
          Digital Learning Specialist at 
          Ph: (229) 225-4387

Jennifer Braswell
Digital Learning Specialist at 
Cross Creek
Ph: (229) 225-3900

Matt Casper
Digital Learning Specialist at TCMS
Ph: (229) 225-4394

          Justin Quigg
          Digital Learning Specialist at TCCHS
          Ph: (229) 225-5050



Network & Implementation Services


Wes Davis
Technology Director
Ph: (229) 225-4380, ext. 141

          Joe Waterbury
          Network Administrator
          Ph: (229) 225-4380, ext. 140

Kasey Massey
Technology Specialist for BOE
Ph: (229) 225-5050 

         Frank Warr
         Technology Specialist for Hand-in-Hand
         and Garrison-Pilcher                 
         Ph: (229) 225-3908

         Tyler Connell
         Technology Specialist for Cross Creek
         Ph: (229) 255-3900

         Aaron Stolarik
         Technology Specialist for TCMS
         Ph: (229) 225-4380, ext. 140

Hunter Danforth
Technology Specialist for TCCHS
Ph: (229) 225-5050

           Wes Sampson
           Technology Specialist for Bishop Hall,
           Renaissance Center, and Pathways
           Ph: (229) 227-1397