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parent involvement National Parent Involvement Day

We celebrated National Parent Involvement Day giving us the opportunity to recognize the many contributions parents and caregivers provide on a daily basis. We appreciate your continued support of our school system!

Drama class TCCHS drama students participate in storytelling workshop

Embracing everyone’s uniqueness and willingly sharing emotion and insight during uncertain times are components of a story told by a group of Thomas County Central High School Drama students. From Oct. 19-30, youth in teacher Gabrielle McMullen’s Period Fundamentals of Drama II, III and IV course participated in a special Digital Storytelling workshop.

“I wanted students to learn a new way of presenting a narrative other than plays and monologues,” McMullen said. “I think this workshop went beautifully. My students were so vulnerable and open with Mr. Doyle and in front of their peers.”

Offered by the Thomasville Center for the Arts, the guest artist and workshop facilitator was John Doyle, a digital storyteller who founded Arts Integration LLC. Doyle’s primary goal was to provide students a safe space and opportunity to process and express their experiences from the prior seven months.

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Stock Market Game Game Profits Students

The Stock Market Game is in full swing for a small group of eighth graders at Thomas County Middle School. Club participants are given $100,000 of virtual cash and are then given 10 weeks to buy and sell stocks to try and increase their portfolio holdings.  Students not only get experience making trades on the stock exchange, but are given instruction on the basic principles of investing and the stock market. The 10-week session ends November 30. The team with the largest increase in portfolio value will be the region winner since Thomas County Middle School is the only school that competes in the region. Pictured are Owen May and Trip Taylor discussing their portfolio and stock purchasing decisions. The two students are currently in the lead with a portfolio value $102,718.   

honeybee logo Cross Creek Discount Cards for Sale

We are excited to continue offering the Cross Creek discount cards.  There are a few changes you will notice.  For the first time in 24 years, the price has changed.  Digital and print cards are $10 each.  Digital cards are available for your purchase through the link below.  The digital card will be saved to your cell phone's home screen when you select that option.  Printed cards will be available for sale by coming into the school office from 8:00 - 3:00.  There is also a "Quick Link" to the left that you can use to purchase your digital cards.

Students and staff of Cross Creek Elementary appreciate your continued support in our annual fundraising endeavor.

Click here to order your Cross Creek digital discount card.

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