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Digital All-Star Teacher Congratulations to our Digital Learning All-Star Teacher

Mrs. Jessica Vick, our remote kindergarten teacher, was voted by HNH staff to be our Digital Learning All-Star Teacher.  Jessica has enhanced her classroom teaching with various technology devices and programs.  She has a high level of excitement and expectation when teaching her students online.  They can't wait to do Zoom lessons with Mrs. Jessica.  She makes every day special.  Way to Go, Mrs. Jessica!  We are so proud of you.

dress Kindergarten Classes Learned About Etiquette and Manners from Fancy Nancy

After reading the book called Fancy Nancy, kindergarten students learned proper etiquette and table manners.  The boys and girls dressed up in their Sunday clothes.  The boys learned how to bow and the girls learned how to curtsey to greet each other.  The boys pulled chairs out for the girls.  Students waited to eat until everyone at their table had been served.  Some classes even had menus for the students to order from.  It was such a fun experience for the students.  Click read more for more pictures.

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PreK & K registration PreK & Kindergarten Registration Continues ONLINE

There are limited spots available so hurry to enroll your child! Registration will continue online until all available spots are filled. Call Hand-In-Hand Primary School at 229-225-3908 if you have questions.

Please click below to register your child for Pre-K. 
Register for PreK - English

Please click below to register your child for Kindergarten. Students currently enrolled in Pre-K at Hand-In-Hand DO NOT need to register for Kindergarten.
Register for Kindergarten - English

After registering your child, please call Hand-In-Hand at 229-225-3908 to schedule your child's screening appointment.


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