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Wacky Days!


Green Eggs HNH " Green Eggs and Ham"

Today was Dr. Seuss's birthday and students at HNH enjoyed listening to the story Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.  At lunch, they were able to try a plate of Green Eggs and Ham.  Check out some of the students' writings.  Click read more for more pictures and writings.

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Early Voting Now through March 12


 One hundred day of school HNH " Our students are 100 days SMARTER!"

Today marks 100 days that we have been in school.  Our students are like sponges soaking up all the new information that they receive every day. The students created pictures with the numeral 100.  Counting 100 Fruit Loops was exciting and delicious.  Thank you parents for helping your child dress for this special occasion.   Click read more to see more pictures of our special day.

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Valentine's Day HNH " Celebrating Valentine's Day with our friends"

Children enjoy being with their friends.  At school, we learn how to care and share with each other in safe ways. Using kind words when we talk to each other makes us feel special and loved  Click read more to see more pictures.

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finish strong Thomas County School Board endorses plan to “Finish Strong”

Please click below for information on our "Finish Strong" plan:
"Finish Strong" Video

Dear Parents and Guardians,

At its February meeting, the Thomas County Board of Education endorsed a series of proposals recommended by the curriculum department to support students and teachers through the second semester of the 2020-2021 school year.

The “Finish Strong” plan calls for the return of more students to in-person learning and aims to reduce the number of teachers who have to simultaneously teach both in-person and on-line classes. To provide time for teachers, counselors, and administrators to plan for these adjustments, three teacher work days have been added to the school calendar.

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