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Stacie Layne


Welcome to the 2021-2022 School year!  My name is Stacie Layne and I have been teaching for 15 years. I am a graduate of Thomas University and Valdosta State University with degrees in Early Childhood Education, Middle Grades Mathematics, and a Specialist's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. My husband and I both work at TCMS and 6 of our children currently attend the county schools. Our youngest is still in daycare, but when she is old enough she will be in our school system as well.

I teach advanced, honors, and honors accelerated mathematics within the MERIT program. The honors accelerated class is a high school credit class and requires an EOCT along with taking the 8th grade math milestone as well. For a more up-to-date glimpse at what your student is learning, please view their Google Classroom page. I am looking forward to meeting everyone!


Math Supply List:

Folder/Notebook to keep math papers


Glue Sticks


Notebook Paper

2 Spiral Notebooks (one for each semester) 

Optional but recommended:TI-30XS IIS Calculator (this is the calculator allowed on the Milestones)