Duncan recipient of GA STEM Scholar Award

Duncan award

Georgia Youth Science & Technology Centers (GYSTC) has recently awarded Garrison-Pilcher science teacher Jessica Duncan with the 2022 Georgia STEM Scholar Award. As part of this special recognition, she will receive a $500 grant to purchase STEM education materials for her classroom, as well as receive free admission to attend the GYSTC Summer STEM Institute. 

Duncan believes that Garrison-Pilcher provides a great foundation for STEM education.

Duncan says, "I am very thankful for the opportunity to expand the resources for the students who will come through my classroom next year and the years to come.”

She also said that the activity mentioned in the award "Slimy Attributes" is a second grade favorite. 

"Each student receives glue and an activator to make slime," Duncan explains. "Then they choose two extra ingredients like beads, shaving cream, food coloring, glitter etc. The different ingredients change the texture of their slime and the activity is concluded with students talking about the many different attributes of their slime."

The Georgia STEM Scholar Award recognizes outstanding certified teachers in grades K-8 who are working to integrate effective STEM education in their classrooms. Georgia STEM Scholars demonstrate a passion and determination to provide students with innovative and challenging STEM experiences along with creating an atmosphere of exploration that excites, energizes, and equips students to pursue enhanced educational opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and math.  

Duncan is one of twenty-five other educators throughout the state of Georgia to receive this award. The GYSTC Summer STEM Institute will be held June 7 and 8th at Kennesaw State University. During the Institute, teachers will participate in Super STEM Challenges, Robotics and Coding Activities, and Top 10 STEM Explorations. In addition, teachers will develop their own engaging STEM Challenge to be shared with their teaching colleagues.

Duncan group

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