Garrison-Pilcher Students Earn Rewards for Reading

AR Rewards Store

Thomas County first and second graders at Garrison-Pilcher Elementary School are encouraged to read books of their own choosing through celebrations, accountabilities, and incentive programs.  On a monthly basis, students can see short-term rewards by cashing in Wee Bee Bucks at the AR (Accelerated Reader) Store.  Students can decide to save up their Wee Bee Bucks for something big, or they can cash in during each AR Store monthly visit.  Some students did not get to shop the first time, but the desire to earn Wee Bee Bucks has already proven to be an incentive that is persuading students to make reading a priority.  Information is shared with families so that they can encourage their students to read books at night, help them read if needed, and remind them to take their tests daily.

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