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Region Honor Band

Twenty-three Thomas County Central High School Bands program members represented their school at the South Georgia Region Honor Band in Valdosta April 11-13. TCCHS had more youth musicians participate than any school in its region, which consists of all high schools from Alabama to the East Coast and as far north as Jones County. First chair trumpeter Teddy Cone delivered several solos. Other TCCHS first-chair earners were Jaclyn Maxwell (bass clarinet) and Tyler Laidman (bass trombone).

The following TCCHS students participated in South Georgia Region Honor Band:

9th & 10th Grade Concert Band

Ayvah Kelly ~ flute

Maya Williams ~ clarinet

Jaclyn Maxwell ~ bass clarinet (first chair)

Emily Mainprize ~ saxophone (also accepted on clarinet)

Zachary Padilla ~ trumpet

Gabriel McGuire ~ horn (also accepted on trumpet)

Phoenix Brock ~ horn

Sha'Leria Walker ~ trombone

Justin Barnes ~ trombone

Taylor Johnson ~ baritone

Hudson Wynn ~ tube

Carter Weiss ~ tuba

Corey Williams ~ tuba


11th & 12th Grade Symphonic Band  

Savana Manning ~ flute

Olivia Upton ~ flute

Alley Sholar ~ bassoon

Hannabelle Fulgencio ~ clarinet

Addison James ~ clarinet

Teddy Cone ~ trumpet (first chair)

Jason Matt Bradley ~ trumpet

Tyler Laidman ~ bass trombone (first chair)

Jackson Thompson ~ baritone

Martavian Paytee ~ baritone


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