Behavior Plan

Thomas County Middle School

Bravo Company Behavior Plan




 In the classroom:

I will show my teacher that I’m ready to learn. (including all school work and materials ready)

I will follow directions. 

I will take pride in my environment and the tools I use.  

I am part of my classroom community, and 

I will pitch in to help.  

I will get my teacher’s attention appropriately (raise hand, use signal, etc.). 

I will make positive choices and speak to others positively.

In the hallway: 

I will walk in the hallway on the correct side.

I will remain quiet when walking in line

I will be respectful of others and school property.

I will have a pass to go to my destination. 

In the restroom:

I will ask for permission before leaving class for the restroom.  

I will respect others, school property, and instruction time.  

I will not leave a mess behind.


In the cafeteria:  

I will stay in my seat and raise my hand for help if needed. 

I will use an inside voice.  

I will keep my hands, feet, and objects to myself. 

I will clean up after myself and put trash in the appropriate area.

On the outdoor equipment/facilities:  

I will play with/use equipment appropriately (as it’s intended).  

I will stay visible at all times and ask for permission to leave the area. 

I will be respectful of others on the playground. 

Show Respect &  Make good choices!

Positive Actions

We appreciate and acknowledge students who exhibit desired behaviors. Students will have opportunities to earn classroom incentives for demonstrating positive behaviors.

  • Bring a drink to class, eat a snack in class, patio pass, music pass, or lunch buddy (These passes can be used at the discretion of the teacher)


Corrective Actions

In order to maintain a safe and positive learning environment for all, we discourage inappropriate behavior in our school and classrooms. The following guidelines will be followed after a verbal warning has been given:

  • Mark 1: If a student does not follow one of our school or classroom expectations, he/she will receive a warning and will be retaught the desired behavior.

  • Mark 2: If a student does not correct his/her behavior after the warning, the student will serve one day of silent lunch and a parent or guardian will be contacted about the behavior (email or phone call)

  • Mark 3: After parent contact, if the behavior continues, a level b will be given and the student will serve after school detention or an alternate consequence will be given per parent/teacher discussion. All Classroom Discipline Reports / Level B will be written by the teacher in the classroom and a copy will be sent home to notify the parent and to be returned signed the next day. If the form does not return the following day, your child will remain in silent lunch until the level b is returned signed. 

  • If a student has any discipline issues, your child may not attend the next field trip. 

  • Five Classroom Discipline Reports (level b) that occur over the course of a quarter or one severe offense will result in an office referral. All office referrals will be sent to the office to be seen by a principal and consequences will be administered by the principal.