Dress Code


It is expected that every student will maintain the level of personal hygiene and safety necessary to ensure a healthy school environment and will refrain from any mode of dress which is distracting to classroom instruction or which contributes to the disruption of the normal function of the school. The dress code applies to all school functions.

Thomas County Middle School complies with the dress code policies of the Thomas County School district.

The following types of clothing are considered inappropriate at Thomas County Central:

  1. Footwear (shoes) must be worn and appropriate for the school setting both in appearance and safety. House shoes/slippers are not acceptable footwear for school.

  2. No headgear is permitted in the building at any time during the school day. This includes bandanas, and shower caps. The hoods of hooded sweatshirts are not allowed on head while in the building.

  3. Clothing or ornamentation, which advertises alcohol or substances that are illegal for minors, or which displays suggestive phrases, designs, markings, or profanities are also prohibited.

  4. Clothing that displays weapons, violence, gang affiliations, or other logos that cause dissension are not permitted.

  5. No gang related signs, symbols, names, or other items that can be associated with any street gang. The principal or designee shall have the final say in determining if an item is gang related.

  6. No tattoos depicting gang signs or symbols will be permitted.

  7. Backless or strapless dresses or shirts are not permitted.

  8. No midriff shirts or blouses are permitted. Midriff areas must be covered so that no skin is

    exposed on the torso at any time (front or back). No sheer garments and no low-cut necklines

    are permitted. Cleavage must not show.

  9. Appropriate undergarments must be worn. Clothing must not reveal undergarments.

  10. If sleeveless shirts are worn, the straps must be 3 fingers wide. Tank tops, strapless tops,and

    thin strapped tops may not be worn.

  11. Shorts, dresses, and skirts that are more than 4” above the knee are considered too short.

  12. Slits in dresses and skirts may be no shorter than fingertip length (standing or sitting).

  13. All pants and trousers must be worn at waist level and must fit properly. Pants may not have

    holes above knee length, unfastened belts, or exposed undergarments.

  14. Piercings will not be tolerated with the exception of the ears.

  15. Distracting hairstyles are prohibited.

School officials will make the interpretation of what is acceptable dress. Students who are judged to be inappropriately dressed will be allowed to correct the violation. Students will be assigned detention or ISS. Students who are unable to correct the violation will be suspended or placed in ISS until the violation is corrected. Repeat offenses may result in ISS or OSS.